Today, most people think that undergoing orthodontic treatment is to fix unaligned, rotated or protruding teeth as a matter of aesthetics and few know that unaligned and crowded teeth form hidden corners are often difficult to clean, therefore accumulate bacterial plaque and tartar. Furthermore, malocclusion affects chewing efficiency, which can cause problems with the growth of the bones of the face and skull, and can also cause problems with the jaw joint. Orthodontic treatment improves facial aesthetics, but is also a health issue.

What is orthodontics?

It is a dental specialty that studies, prevents, and corrects alterations in development, the shape of the dental arches and the position of the jaws. Looking to restore balance and functional morphology of the mouth and face, also improving facial aesthetics.

Importance of a specialist

An orthodontic specialist is a dentist who has received specialized training that enables you to solve all kinds of irregularities in your teeth and jaw defects. Finding a qualified specialist in orthodontics is the first step in securing a successful orthodontic treatment.


Early Treatment
From 0 to 6 years, there is no need to make orthodontic treatment although it is advisable to make periodic revisions as they can identify problems related to the growth of the jaws and teeth …

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Adolescent Treatment
From age 12 dental crowding and maxillary orthopedic problems are corrected. As teens are growing this stage it is optimal to correct orthodontic problems and it´s possible to achieve excellent results…

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Adult Treatment
From the age of 17 – 18 years old the most important thing is prevention to try to maintain your teeth for life…

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To move our teeth we use several different and they do not usually cause pain or discomfort and they allow patients to eat and speak without difficulty…

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