The Clinic

We are an orthodontic clinic located in the cities of Santiago de Compostela and Ourense.

The first time you come to the clinic, Dr. Pérez Varela will make a diagnosis, in which your case will be evaluated: the need for braces, and a more comprehensive treatment study will be done where we will need to take some photographs, radiographs and plaster models. These records allow us to make a correct diagnosis in order to perform specialized orthodontic treatment for each patient. The doctor will then give the patient a written report explaining the diagnosis, treatment plan, duration and price quote in detail.

In our clinic orthodontic we care for every aspect of your comfort and safety using all measures available to us to prevent any infection. We treat all the medical instruments we work with very carefully and submit non-disposable materials to a rigorous sterilization process.

Photo gallery from our Santiago de Compostela’s clinic: