Patients’ Opinions

My personal experience in the clinic has been very good. The doctor was always very friendly and attentive to me and my family. The assistants are great, I love to visit just to chat with them for a while. I am very satisfied with the orthodontic outcome and for choosing this clinic.

Uxía Fernández Bustillo

The references about Dr. Pérez Varela´s personality and experience motivated me to inquire about the treatment I needed. From the beginning I was surprised by the modern design of the clinic, the technology that was available, and the taste and cleanliness of it. Also, all the detailed explanations that Dr. Pérez Varela provided about the necessary steps for my treatment surprised me and conveyed confidence and trust. In short, I have to say that the treatment to which I have received in this clinic has been a success. I also want to stress that any problems that may arise during orthodontics, is attended by medical professionals and is not only controlled during therapy, but also after it. Periodic checks are made to assure that there has been no alteration in the results. Finally, I want to say thanks for the kindness and professionalism of Dr. J. Carlos Pérez Varela and his entire team.

Maria Herranz

I am very satisfied with the result. At the same time, I am very grateful for the treatment received by the entire clinic team.

Noelia Campos Caamaño

It is very important to put importance on not only the aesthetics, but also for the health of your teeth. I am very pleased with the results so do not hesitate to improve your smile and go about your life with more enthusiasm.

Silvia Varela

My time at the clinic was very satisfying, and it helped me to improve both the health and aesthetic appearance of my mouth, with a very friendly and competent staff.

Tamara Río Miguelez

I am very happy with my orthodontist, as I have been able to now have a beautiful smile. The time I spent with orthodontics was relatively short for the good results. The clinic staff has been very good to me and I have always been treated well in any circumstance providing me great treatment. Finally, I want to thank everyone for their kindness and congratulations for the work done!

Sylvia González Cárdenas

My time at the clinic was very safisfactory, from the initial appearance of the clinic and the good treatment I received made me confident about the final treatment I would receive. I was not disappointed. I went from not ever smiling to constantly smiling.

Iría Bastón Rey

You are all great. A team of professionals and great people. I am glad to have met you. Thanks for everything.

Sara López

My decision to attend this clinic came from first hand knowledge of the prestige and professionalism of Dr. Pérez Varela both in the university and in the clinical setting. Following the completion of my orthodontic treatment at this clinic I have no doubt that this reputation is fully deserved. The treatment by all employees of the clinic has been excellent and the outcome of my orthodontic treatment, very satisfactory both aesthetically and functionally. I can only thank both the doctor and all assistants for the good treatment which I have always received. And I encourage you all to put yourselves in the best hands for your braces.

Irene Méndez Manjón

I am really happy with the orthodontic treatment from Dr. Juan Carlos Pérez Varela and the personal treatment I received. The waiting time for appointments was always very quick.

Hugo Méndez Gómez

The treatment was very satisfactory. The care provided by Dr. Perez Varela and his team brings you a lot of confidence to make the treatment much more bearable. In the estimated time, I came out with perfect teeth. I am very happy!

Margarita Reverter Cid

I chose to undergo my treatment at the clinic of Dr. Pérez Varela, who my dentist recommended. The decision was absolutely right for their professionalism and excellent treatment, in addition to wonderful results.

Alba Bello Castro

After three years of treatment, I can say that at the clinic I have always received good attention from everyone, both at scheduled visits, and unplanned things that may have arisen. As for treatment, I have been satisfied with the result and I appreciate all the advice and attention of all members of the clinic.

Carmen Fernández Túnez

I started with orthodontics despite my age because I had significant discomfort in my jaw joint. At the end, it has been corrected, and it is now very easy to keep my teeth clean. It also improved my appearance.

Aida Fernández

I recognize that for a process in which you have to arm yourself with patience, is only bearable if you have a group of people who care for and pamper every detail, every step, explain everything to you and encourage you.

Patricia Juncal Mallo

My experience at the clinic of Dr. J. Pérez Carlos Varela during my treatment was good. All staff, both the doctor and assistants, helped me with everything that I needed and answered my questions at all times.

Belén Pregal Miguez

My treatment was long because I had to have surgery jaw correction and chin surgery. But I have to say that although the postoperative period was long and hard, the results have been very satisfactory, not only aesthetically but also because I’ve improved my quality of life. In addition, the care and treatment provided helped me realize how important it is to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. I recommend everyone and encourage them to address their problems with such good specialists, because there will be a before and after in their lives.

Susana Matos

It was a few years ago that I first went to see Dr. Juan Carlos Varela Pérez in order to improve the aesthetics of my smile. I think the case was of medium difficulty but I must recognize that I was a very demanding patient, during the two years in which I was receiving treatment was wonderful by the doctor and by the support staff of the clinic. Because of the results of my treatment I feel great both aesthetically and functionally. I continue to come to the clinic for my revisions and overall I am very satisfied.

Marta Fernández Varela

All I can say is that with the treatment I have received during these past years, I am extremely grateful and proud of how my teeth have improved. I recommend everyone to come to the clinic of Dr. Pérez Varela if you have problems with your teeth.

Lorena Mantilla Quiroga

I am very happy with the treatment I received at this clinic. I now have perfect teeth and the treatment was quick thanks to the professionalism of Dr. Juan Carlos Perez Varela.

Lorena López Seijas

I am very happy with the results. Since I finished treatment I have a very beautiful smile. The team at this clinic has given me great confidence and an unbeatable personal treatment. Thank you!

Monica Vazquez Sobrino

I am very happy with the visible changes my teeth experienced and with the treatment received from everyone in the clinic.

Arlene Rodriguez González

My time at the clinic was very pleasing, both because of the personal treatment as well as the orthodontic treatment results. I thank you all for the care provided.

Veracruz Abelenda Canedo

The experience at this clinic was very nice when I came once a month to have a revision I was very well attended. I am very happy with the results after two years with the appliances.

Roberto Dominguez Costa

My experience at the clinic of Dr. Pérez Varela has been totally positive. The orthodontic treatment results have been very good in all aspects: functional, aesthetic, etc… No only was I satisfied with the professional treament but also the personal received from both the doctor and the entire staff. In addition to the kindness and good treatment, they have always given me facility for making appointments, for changing appointments and making any inquiries. If I had to give a grade to the clinic my score would be the highest possible.

María José Pouso Grandal

The clinic was great, as the staff was very pleasant and the treatment went according to plan.

Andrés Crespo Bris

The clinic of Dr. J. Carlos Perez Varela has always treated me with promptness and diligence, for which I am grateful.

Jaime Crespo Bris

I am satisfied with the result and my time in the clinic was very good. The waiting time for consultation was always very short.

Yolanda Barrio Cabo

All I can say is that the treatment and the professionalism of the Clinic Pérez Varela has been excellent. My case was an orthodontic and orthognathic surgery and it was a long process but it came out perfectly and I’ve noticed great improvements especially in terms of aesthetics. I just want to thank you for everything. I recommend this clinic to everyone.

Isabel Cernadas

Despite the difficulty in making the decision to finally correct my teeth, and given that the treatment length was not what I imagined beforehand, the fact is that the result was completely worth it. Both the day-to-day treatment at the clinic, and the understanding and attention on unplanned occasions, has been perfect. The professionalism and good work of Juan Carlos and his staff has been outstanding. Thank you very much for everything.

Jorge Amigo Lechuga

The orthodontics and surgery gave me a major change in my life. I am very happy with the result, the treatment, both the orthodontic clinic and in the hospital. I recommend everyone who is undecided to begin treatment because it’s worth it. Thank you all.

Olalla Paz García

Despite having to wear braces for several years, I am delighted with the results. Now I love smiling in photos.

Isabel Villamor Iglesias

I came here with a bad bite and now I have a correct bite and a beautiful smile. The treatment has been good and I’m happy with the result.

Eva María González Mosteiro

My experience was positive given that they always helped me whenever I needed it although I didn´t make it easy. Overall, I was very satisfied.

Diego Vilariño Salgado

After putting up with my mother and elastics for so long, in the end I managed to have a perfect smile. Thanks to the efforts of the girls and Dr. Pérez Varela.

Samuel Fouces

I believe that a 100% success rate was achieved at the end of orthodontic treatment.
They have been very successful in improving my oral health and smile aesthetics.
I thank Dr. Juan Carlos Perez Varela and the team of asisstants for all the attention received while in treatment.

Antonella Solowjov

I recommend the orthodontic clinic of Dr. Pérez Varela both for their professional and personalized treatment.
The degree of my satisfaction after treatment I would describe as excellent.

Clara Baltar

My time at the clinic was very satisfying, I got the result that I was hoping for: a perfect smile.
The treatment received from both the asisstants and the doctor was wonderful. Finally, I want to give thanks for everything.

Silvia Castro Fernández

After treatment, I am very pleased with the results and with the care provided. The relationship with the staff is excellent and I recommend the clinic to everyone.

Sabela Rodriguez Vázquez

I am satisfied with the treatment and especially the staff in Ourense, in addition to the personal treatment. I recommend this orthodontist.

Sabela Lorenzo Varela

My time at the clinic was a success, both in results and in the treatment received by the nurses, and I am very happy with the changes from before and after treatment. Thank you!

Alex Mazaira

After coming to the clinic of Dr. Juan Carlos Varela Pérez I can now smile without any problem.
I want to thank all the staff who made me feel at home. Thank you very much!

Jonathan Camba

After treatment, all I can say is that the treatment received by the clinic staff is great, the professionalism that you receive is the best. I am very happy with my result.

Gabriel Díaz Iglesias

I am satisfied with the result and now I love to show off my smile. Thanks to the team J.C.Pérez Varela.

Ainoa Férnandez Escribano

The result has been better than I expected. I am very happy with the result and I feel safer. I love my smile. Thanks to all the clinic´s staff.

Alba Estevez Madarnás

I have spent many years in the clinic and both the treatment of staff and the experience is excellent. I’m very happy and I recommend this clinic.

Andrea Estevez Madarnás

From my point of view, our mouths are a very important part both from a health aspect and aesthetically. Thanks to the J.Carlos Perez Varela Clinic, I have gotten the results that I have tried multiple different treatments during many years and until now had never worked. Ever since I can remember, I have had several professionals trying to treat my case but I will say that only Dr. J. Pérez Carlos Varela and his team has been able to achieve an optimal result.
After 3 years of treatment, thanks to my perseverance and that of the clinic team, have been very positive.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole team for their wonderful work. It was not an easy process because I was aesthetically uncomfortable but today I can write these words: it was worth it! Many thanks to everyone.

Elisa Rico Martínez

Results, quickly and economically, is what I wanted when I went to the clinic and that was what I found. But also they made me feel that I wasn´t just another client, with such familiar treatment that I got at the clinic. I am delighted with the results, especially since it was not surgery. That was my biggest concern. But they got everything I wanted and more.

Vanessa Mariño Perez

Excellent treatment by the clinic staff, and a very satisfying treatment in the end..

Noelia Otero Arman

My experience has been very enjoyable and satisfying, despite having a major surgery and orthodontic treatment.

Dania Pensado

It was a great choice to begin treatment at this clinic since besides being a great professionals, the staff is very friendly and nice personal traetment, and going to appointments is more enjoyable than you expect it to be.

Marta del Rio Arcos

Seeing myself without appliances was something really exciting. I am delighted with the result after all these years, I do not regret coming to the clinic, on the contrary, I am glad that my parents made that decision. The treatment during this time has been excellent. Thanks for making me like smiling more.

Andrea Fernández Penas