Orthognathic Surgery

What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery corrects skeletal malocclusions. A skeletal malocclusion is caused by the misalignment of teeth and malposition of bone bases, either
maxilla or mandible, with respect to the rest of the face. As the facial skeleton is mobilized, it can even cause significant facial changes. This is why we do skeletal movements associated with more aesthetic facial changes. All orthognathic surgery is done inside the mouth, so there are no external scars.

When should orthognathic surgery be done?

When orthodontic treatment alone can not put the teeth in the required position in respect to the dental arch or this position is very forced and unstable. It is also convenient to do orthognathic surgery when the chewing function is poor or when the patient has a disproportionate face (too long, too short, a concave profile or a protruded jaw). In all of these cases, combined orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery is needed.

What is the purpose of orthognathic surgery?

1. Teeth alignment

2. Occlusion improvement (correcting bite)

3. Improvement of smile aesthetics

4. Improvement of facial aesthetics

5. Good stability


Facial harmony


A great occlusion